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German Studies

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Our program in German offers a minor in German Studies. In a dynamic, student-centered environment, you’ll undertake rigorous courses in German language and related interdisciplinary courses such as history, art history, philosophy, or social science courses. Beginning students acquire the ability to speak, understand, read, and write in German with reasonable fluency. Whether your goal is to acquire language skills for graduate school or to combine a German minor with another degree, you’ll acquire the language skills and experiences that make you stand out.

Program Description

The interdisciplinary minor in German Studies is housed in the Department of World Languages and Cultures. It consists of 22 units and combines language study with elective courses about German culture or history. Students have the opportunity to study abroad with the CSU International Programs in the state of Baden Württemberg in Germany and other exchange programs (see the Humboldt International Programs website). Your classroom studies and cultural experiences prepare you for meaningful interaction with German-speaking people anywhere in the world.

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 Career Opportunities

Possible careers in the USA, Europe and other countries include artist, musician, web-designer, teacher, ESL teacher, international banker, lawyer, financier, interpreter, travel agent, tour guide, export/import employee, Foreign Service officer, foreign correspondent, or work in non-governmental organizations.