Leon, Spain

This Leon program is a 10-week summer immersion Spanish language and culture experience. You will live with selected Spanish families, take classes five days a week, participate in service learning activities with local organizations, and participate in various academic visits to outstanding cultural sites throughout the country.

What's Included?

The León Program is a comprehensive, all-services included program:

  • Live with a Spanish family.
  • Visit cultural and natural places guided by faculty.
  • Participate in service-learning activities with local organizations.
  • Meets International Residence requirements for the Spanish Major and the International Studies major. (Please consult with your academic advisor for more details).
  • Courses in this program meet and exceed one year of college Spanish language requirement in various Humboldt majors. 

The León Program is offered on a rotating basis during even years (2022, 2024, etc.). 


To find out more contact the department of World Languages & Cultures 

Phone: (707) 826-3226