Whether you’re majoring in one language or another discipline, Cal Poly Humboldt provides minors in a wide variety of languages. Strengthen your education, expand your worldview, and develop highly valuable skills that can be applied to any career. 

French & Francophone Studies

This minor emphasizes French language proficiency as well as Francophone cultural studies appropriate to your academic and career objectives.


German Studies

A dynamic, student-centered program that highlights language acquisition as well as cultural sensitivity for the heritage of German-speaking nations. German language and related interdisciplinary courses cover history, art history, philosophy, and social science. You will acquire the ability to speak, understand, read, and write in German with reasonable fluency. While knowledge of German is welcome, it is not required.



Acquire and consolidate language skills up to advanced and near-native proficiency levels, as well as gain expertise in the areas of literature and cultures, ranging from Spanish, United States Hispanic, Mexican, Central, and South American cultures.


Spanish Media

The Spanish Media minor combines Spanish language study with journalistic writing and media experience. An interdisciplinary minor, it is an excellent choice for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in business, communication, pre-law, or for professional careers in bilingual news media, advertising, and public relations.