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Chinese Club - tabling.

Club francophone sharing cookies, coffee with French Program Leader,  Joseph Diémé.

Spanish students interpreting at Spring Preview 2017.

Chinese Language and Culture Club

We are a group of students with interests in Chinese. We are a culturally diverse club! You don’t need to be Chinese or know much about it to be a part of the club. We are all here to learn more! Learn to speak, write, and hear about the culture. Play games and even cook. We help put on the new lunar year and moon festivals and other activities. We have books that you can borrow. There's even tutoring for Chinese language students to help them pass Wu laoshi’s class... We also talk about study abroad and we will try and help you prepare if you choose to participate in travels. We had a welcome party recently and had very tasty Chinese food! 

Club Francophone

Parlez-vous français? For beginning, intermediate and advanced French speakers. Drop-in if you want to learn, teach or just enjoy some company. Meetings are on Fridays in Behavioral and Social Sciences Building room 209.  Please call 707-826-3226 for times. Coffee, tea, and snacks provided. Feel free to bring something to share.

German Club

The purpose and mission of the German Club is to bring university members- students, staff, and faculty- together on the basis of a mutual interest in expanding knowledge and appreciation of the German country, language, cultural practices, and history. Other German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein will also receive attention. The German Club strives to meet its purpose and mission through regular meetings and events in which club members will have the opportunity to use the German language, share cultural knowledge, and exchange stories in relaxed, fun, and inclusive environments. Hosting or participating in volunteer projects and events that enhance the larger community of Cal Poly Humboldt or local municipalities is encouraged for club officers and club members, as well as collaboration with other cultural organizations on the Humboldt campus and in the local community. Please call 707-826-3226 for meeting times and location.

Spanish Translation and Interpretation Club

The “Spanish Translation and Interpretation Club” is a student-run club composed of students from all majors who have an interest in the ways Spanish and English are translated from text to text and interpreted from speakers to audiences. The club provides translation and interpretation services to individuals and community organizations from schools to businesses, and non-profit entities. All students are welcome, from beginners to bilingual speakers. This is a perfect club to enrich one’s Spanish and English speaking and writing skills. The club is supervised and supported by a Spanish faculty member. For more information contact Jessica Melgoza, Club President: jm4158@humboldt.edu or Professor Matthew Dean, Club Advisor: matthew.dean@humboldt.edu.