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Chinese Studies


As a student in our Chinese Studies minor program, you’ll learn Mandarin from a native speaker and explore Chinese culture and civilization through courses offered by several departments, such as Anthropology, Geography, History and Philosophy. You’ll also enjoy cultural activities close to home, like Chinese conversation groups and Chinese film festivals.


The minor in Chinese Studies, housed in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature. It consists of a minimum of 26 credit units including core and elective classes. The minor program gives students a language experience and solid cultural base upon which to build an understanding of Chinese culture and society. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in authorized programs abroad to complete minor requirements. Selection of courses is to be made with the counsel of a Chinese Studies faculty advisor. 

For the full description of the program, please visit this link:
Chinese Studies Program Catalog Description


Possible careers: Careers in the USA and other countries include artist, musician, web-designer, teacher, ESL teacher, international banker, lawyer, financier, interpreter, travel agent, tour guide, export/import employee, Foreign Service officer, foreign correspondent, or work in non-governmental organizations.