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World Languages and Cultures Awards and Scholarships

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The Benavides-Garb Family International Travel Award
Frank B. Wood Scholarship
    The Joseph “Joe” and Helen Bottino Memorial Award
    The Budig-Markin Family Francophone African Studies Award - not available at this time

    Humboldt County Scholarships and Awards



    Joseph “Joe” and Helen Bottino Memorial Award 2018

    Bottino Award recipient, Anjelica Yee

    "I am currently in my third-year of studies at HSU. I am majoring in Wildlife Conservation & Management and minoring in Spanish. I chose to minor in Spanish so that I could broaden my scope of wildlife conservation to Spanish-speaking countries. Aside from wildlife conservation, I will also be able to take part in more activism in Spanish-speaking communities. I love traveling and am more than excited to immerse myself into Spanish culture and learn so much about part of my heritage during my time there!" - Anjelica Yee

    Benavides-Garb Family International Travel Award 2018

    Benavides-Garb Award recipient, Hailey LaJoie

    "Bonjour! My name’s Hailey, I’m a third year student at HSU and I study International Studies, French and Spanish. My goal after I graduate is to learn as many languages as possible, starting with Arabic. I believe learning to speak foreign languages is a vital aspect of education because as our world evolves to be more interconnected, so must we. In the future, I hope to incorporate my language fluency into a career of environmental and/or human rights activism or education. "  - Hailey LaJoie

    Benavides-Garb Family International Travel Award 2018

    Benavides-Garb Award recipient, Holly Donohoe

    "I am majoring in French and Francophone Studies as well as English Writing Practices. I am excited to study.... in Nantes this summer in France. I am very interested in the power of both written and spoken word. After graduation I hope to continue my education in the delightful fields of foreign language and creative writing." - Holly Donohoe

    Budig-Markin Family Francophone African Studies Award 2018

    Photo of April Thompson, scholarship winner

    "Bonjour, hola and hello! I am a French Major, Spanish Minor here at HSU and I am very honored to receive this scholarship so I can have the opportunity to study abroad. When I first started college I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to pursue, but looking back now it’s obvious from the beginning that I held a deep interest in languages and one way or another I would have always ended up here. I am happy now that I can say that this is my passion and I want to use my education to broaden my horizons and learn more about the world and its many cultures, languages and people. It is my hope that I will be able to share the information I learn of other countries with the people around me with the goal of lessening the worrisome increase of isolationism and all the ills that come with it that has been the recent trend in the world. When I complete my degree, I hope to continue to improve my language skills through not only my work, but also in my leisure time too." - April Thompson